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Rasina dedurizare  Resincore RC120 is a high purity premium grade bead form gel structured polystyrene sulphonate cation exchange resin. It has an excellent integrity and an excellent chemical and physical stability.
The gel structure is composed of a cross linked styrenic and divinylbenzenic (DVB) structure with sulphonic functional groups.
It has excellent chemical and physical stability, high capacity, low pressure drop.
International equivalent: S100LF, HCR-S(E)S, C100E, SR1L.

Feature & benefits:
* Uniform particle size, low pressure drop: 95% of beads are in the range from 16 to 45 mesh, giving a lower pressure drop.
* Superior chemical and physical stability: high sphericity and high crush strengths together with a very uniform particles size provide greater resistance to bead breakage.

Resincore is used in all water softening, dealkalization, deionization, pure water and ultra-pure water preparation, cane sugar and corn syrup demineralization, pharmaceuticals and chemical processing applications and in the food industry.
The operating capacity of the resin depends on the amount and concentration of regenerant used, the total hardness and flow rate of the inlet water. The resin can also be used in the hydrometallurgy and in the metallic cation recovery, and in the glutamic acid preparation and separation.
The RC120 is widely used in multiple and mixed bed demineralizers with strong base anion exchange resin, with excellent idraulic, dynamic, chimical and physical charateristics.


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