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Water Pro AG 11 GWS Filter


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  • Model: wts-wtpr11ag
  • Manufactured by: Global Water Service

Water Pro AG 11 GWS filter

11.000 liters capacity (2905 gallons)

Water Pro AG 11 filter for the treatment of potable water, based on pre-coat technology, a fine 0.5 micron membrane on which is deposited a high quality activated carbon powder. The presence of Silver Ions Ag+ makes the filter bacteriostatic, it means it is capable to prevent the development of microorganisms like bacterium, mould.

The Water Pro AG 11 filter has design and attachments totally compatible with Everpure filtering systems.

The pre-coat technology is very required when water has some turbidity that could lead to the obstruction of a normal carbon block filter. The wide filtrating surface, nearly 6 times larger than the one of a normal carbon block filter, can give a long period of potable water filtration without any significant pressure decrease.

The Water Pro AG 11 filter is produced in Italy in compliance with legal requirements.

The filter complies with ministerial decree 174, it means there is no specific migration in water addressed to human consumption. It complies as well with ministerial decree 25, it means that performances indicated on the label are supported by analysis carried out in laboratories acknowledged by Italian board of health.

Water Pro AG 11 GWS filter is definitely an excellent filter and a valid alternative concerning quality and performances to Everpure filters.

The Water Pro GWS AG11 is alternative to Everpure 4C and Everpure 4DC models.    

Technical Specifications
Product Code WTPR11AG
Dimensions Height 37.5 cm
  Diameter 7.9 cm
Technology  Pre coat
Filtering Chlorine, troubled water, reduces metals, bacteriostatic
Filtration tangle  0.5 μm
Filtration capacity 11000 litres (2905 gallons)
Temperature max min  4-38 °C
Working pressure 1.5 - 8.6 MPa
Certifications  DM 174 -2004 Dm 25
Disposal Domestic waste if used on potable water


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